But, what does bread contain of?

Bread is prepared from just three basic ingredients; flour, water and salt. But there are many different recipes and preparation modes to get an enormous variance of bread types, shapes, sizes and textures. With additional non-cereal ingredients, such as fruits and nuts, you create a much bigger assortment.


Processes of bread

The process defines the type, taste, shape and texture of breads as well, so it is not only about the three basic and additional non-cereal ingredients. Bakeries could use the natural occurring microbes to leavened bread. A good example is the sourdough recipes. But some products are left unleavened for preference, traditional or religious reasons.


Commercial bread

All bread, which you buy in a supermarket or any other store which is no real bakery, contains of non-nutritional additives to improve flavor, texture, color, shelf life or ease of manufacturing. This is bad for your healthiness.

Bread improvers is the idea behind ‘insightbread.nl’

Bread improver
Bread improvers

Insightbread.nl does have two meanings, of course to give you a better ‘insight’ of bread by giving all the information about the ‘inside’ of bread, is other words: ‘What are the real ingredients of fair bread?’.
It seems to be a boring topic, but I think nobody knows exactly what they are eating. I’ll give you an example, all Dutch people know the almost dark colored bread named ‘Pain de Boulogne’ of the Albert Heijn supermarket, with the description ‘multigrain’. Everybody thinks its a healthy bread but in fact this bread is just white bread and got the dark color of caramelized sugar, malt and E-numbers.
However, because of the higher demand during the past few years, almost all bakeries are using bread improvers and dough conditioners to reduce the time needed and to improve the structure and volume. So in my opinion, all the commercial breads in the supermarkets are just fake.

Bread improvers and Dough conditioners

Bread improvers are chemical substances, which are not healthy for humans and even worse, the bread suppliers are misleading all their customers with their chemical bread. We think its a brown (whole meal / whole-grain) bread, but as I already mentioned in my example earlier this blog post, it is just a white bread. Chemical substances commonly used as bread improvers are sodium metabisulfate, ammonium chloride, ascorbic acid, various phosphates, amylase and protease.

Jill wrote a blog about why she never eat commercial bread anymore and another article about the shocking truth of bread.

In the upcoming blog posts I will give you more information about bread which does not contain of bread improvers and dough conditioners.